Boat Trip

Santorini Boat Trips offers to the visitor the oportunity to explore the island beauty over the wild rock and the last remaining piece of the lost world of Atlantis. The island of Santorini was created eighty thousand years ago when the first volcanic eruption created Stroggili. The island was first inhabited in 2000BC and is considered to be the bastion of Minoan Civilization. In 1450 BC a second violent eruption completely destroyed the old island. Its civilization is wiped out, and the tidal wave, reaching as far as the shores or Crete , carries every trace of the Minoan Civilization to the depths of the Aegean.

According to mythology, Poseidon and Aphrodite's son, Triton, created the island which was called Callisti in honour of his beauty. The name Thira comes from the name of the Hero of Thebes, Thira , under whose orders the Dorian tribes arrived on the island in the 9 th century. In 304 AD Saint Irene of Thessaloniki was exiled to the island, which since then has been called 'Saint Irene's Island ', or Santa Irini, from which comes Santorini, while the name Stroggili (round) originated from its odd shape.

Boat Trip Volcano Hot Springs, Thirasia, Oia, Athinios

boat trip volcano and hot springs

Bus pick you up and return (Athinios port)
Departure: 11:00 - Return: 17:30

This Santorini Boat Trip includes, Bus service to pick you up and return
We start from the port of Athinios and we sail to the volcano to see the active crater!
We swim in the hot waters of Palea Kameni (hot springs) where the water temperature reaches 35oC . Then, sailing above the sub-marine crater, we reach the islet of Thirassia where you can eat, relax or swim and visit the traditional village of Manola.

This Boat excursion continues with a quick stop at Oia, at the Armeni haven where we partially disembark. From Armeni you can head optionally to the picturesque village of Oia either on foot or by riding a donkey (250 steps). Return back to Athinios port by boat.



Boat Trip Sunset and dinner on board

santorini sunset cruise

Bus pick you up and return (Athinios port)
Departure: 14:45 Return: After the Sunset

In this Boat Trip we stopping at Nea and Palea Kameni, we swim in the hot springs, we get our Dinner on board and enjoy the sunset under Oia .

Watch  the unique sunset in the waters of Santorini’s Caldera on board of the traditional sailing boat “M/V Afroditi”. A special experience, surrounded by the black volcanic rocks and the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea.
Our experienced crew will guide you as the sun changes the views and colors of the steer cliffs of the island.

The sails will open, offering moments to be remembered.
Delicious flavors, Santorinian wine and a live romantic music will set the mood.

Sea Excursion Day Cruise Catamaran

santorini catamaran private or semi private cruise
Departure: About 10:15 - Return: About 15:30
Transfer with our mini buses
Enjoy our Catamaran Cruise. Sail along Santorini deep blue waters to a secluded cruise, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim at the red beach, a pleasant sailing along the white beach and the big light house south of the caldera.

Explore unmanned volcanic beaches or Thirasia Island were the spectacular colours (black, red, white) will amaze you or just sunbathing on deck. 
Snorkelling gear is provided and the crew can quickly help you. 

As heading to the hot springs you will feel the energy of the volcano and the spirit of the island! 
While anchored, a delicious lunch with wine and dessert is served onboard.

Santorini Catamaran Sunset Cruise

santorini catamaran

Departure: 15:15 
Return: 21:00 

Our sunset cruise begins with a stop at the red beach for swim, sailing to the white beach and the big light house south of  the caldera and followed by heading to the hot springs along the volcano.
Sail along our beautiful coastline where you will be left breathless as you admire the unique caldera and the spectacular colours of the word famous Santorinean sunset.
As night falls a sumptuous dinner is served complete with wine and dessert.
Marvel at the shimmering stars in the sky and twinkling lights on the island by night.